The analysis guides provided are the results found in a random sampling by Zooquarius Laboratory Services, a laboratory contracted by McRoberts Sales Co., Inc. It is not to be construed that all fish of that particular species will consistently contain the same ratios. It is highly recommended that you seek a laboratory to perform tests that meet your specifications.

Blue Runner



Capelin (Canadian)

Capelin (Icelandic)

Capelin (Norwegian)

Capelin IQF

Clams (Atlantic Surf)

Clams (Little Neck)

Clam Meat (Propeller)

Crab Blue


Glass Minnow

Herring 9-11” (Atlantic Canada)

Herring (Pacific)

Herring (Thread)

Herring (Alaskan Pacific)

Herring (Baltic)

Herring (Norwegian)

Krill (Superba)

Krill (Pacifica)

Mackerel (Atlantic)

Mackerel (Pacific)

Mullet (Finger)

Salmon IQF (Farm Raised)

Salmon 10 inch and under IQF (Farm Raised)

Salmon (Pink)

Sardines (California)

Sardines (Spanish)

Shrimp 41-50 HDLS S/ON White

Shrimp 51/60 IQF P&D T-OFF White

Shrimp 51/60 HDLS S/ON White

Shrimp IQF 21/25 H/ON White


Smelt Lake

Smelt Night

Smelt Peruvian

Sprat Baltic

Squid Illex

Squid Loligo

Trout Rainbow